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Sampson Ventris

The role of ofi’ tohbi’ (white dog) was played by Sampson Ventris. Sampson is an 8-year-old German Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute mix from Oklahoma City. He is a rescue dog. He is loveable, playful and enjoys people.

Ofi' Tohbi' (White Dog)

Chickasaw storytellers tell of a large, beautiful ofi' tohbi' (white dog) that protected the Chickasaw people during our migration from the “land of the setting sun” to our historic homeland in present-day Mississippi. Darting to the right, then to the left, ofi' tohbi' alerted us to trouble along the path and healed people who had been bitten by sinti (snake) by licking the poison from the wound. He guarded us at night while we slept and walked ahead of us during our journey to scout for possible danger. Sadly, our beloved white dog was lost to us as we crossed the treacherous and mighty waters of the Misha Sipokni' (Mississippi). Today, ofi' tohbi' remains a symbol of strength and courage and reminds us of the importance of loyalty and friendship.